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Our view from the chalet was fabulous!

Monterey Car Week: Update 3

We got up around 7 am and headed over to the 18th hole. For the first time in days Keith did not have to MC anything or orchestrate seminars or oversee some grand concours event. We fired up the loaner Chevy Volt and silently headed over to the show under full battery power. We hit […]

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Somebody drove all the way from Hawaii

Monterey Car Week: Update 2

It was wheels up early today as Keith moderated the 15th Annual Monterey Insider’s Seminar. Held at the Gooding auction site, the panelists included Miles Collier, Mark Hyman, Keith Martin, Donald Osborne and Steve Serio. Topics covered included the following: Is $100,000 for a BMW tii way too much or just an early buy? How can a […]

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Porsche's galore!

Monterey Car Week: Update 1

On any given day, life in Monterey, Pebble Beach, and Carmel is pure fantasyland. During Monterey Car Week these tony enclaves become the ultimate land of make believe. While driving into Carmel don’t be surprised to see a Porsche 959 waiting to make a right turn at a light. A vintage Maserati Ghibli might be parked […]

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August: The Month of the Mega Concours

I am 36,000 feet over Lincoln Nebraska publishing this post via FlyFi. The abundance of technological innovation in our world is astounding. What is routine today was unfathomable one hundred years ago. Even just ten years ago there was no Facebook, Twitter, iPhones or iPads. If you told somebody in 1916  that you could sit […]

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2016 New York Auto Show

Turtle Garage recently spent an evening at the New York Auto Show. The renovation to the venerable Javits Center has substantially upgraded the convention center venue. This year, the actual cars were a side show when compared to the elaborate displays of the car manufacturers.  BMW had a private eating deck. Mazda had giant curved high-definition jumbo-trons. Other […]

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The 1988 Oldsmobile Aerotech was the star of the show....

1988 New York Auto Show Time Machine

Last week I had Laurie Duncan (a fabulous computer consultant) come to my office and update my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. These devices now all talk to each other and share data seamlessly over the cloud. She changed my life for the better. Her services put the Apple Genius Bar to shame. She comes to your home or […]

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In the presence of Sir Sterling Moss!

Sunday in the Park

Early Sunday morning I loaded up my 1937 BMW R5 and R6 and headed off to Lime Rock for the annual Sunday in the Park Concours D’ Elegance. It was a fun and relaxing day of vintage cars and motorcycles.There was a wide range of classic vehicles parked along the entire loop of the venerable Connecticut race track.You could stroll from the […]

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The 2014 Toyota Corolla.  One of the worst cars I've ever driven.

Saturday Morning at Alice’s

On Saturday, Sarah and I drove south from San Francisco to visit her alma mater, Stanford University. We took the scenic route and stopped for lunch at Alice’s Restaurant, perhaps the most famous motorcycle destination in the United States. It truly deserves this coveted status and is one of my all time favorites. All of the roads […]

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