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As automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts, we’re often looking for meaningful content that goes far beyond what a typical Google Search will find.

Turtle Garage provides readers with unique insights into the collector vehicle market and the broader automotive industry. Our exclusive content focuses on vintage motorcycles, modern classics, and the exciting future of the automobile—including developments in ride-hailing, electrification, and autonomous driving. We produce diverse articles on travel, restoration projects, book reviews, auction analysis, vehicle summaries, and relevant automotive industry news.

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How Serious are McLaren’s Financial Problems?

“The problems have been solved. You will hear positive news from us in the next few days.”—McLaren Formula 1 team principal Zak Brown The automotive rumor mill and major press outlets like Bloomberg, Reuters, Sky News, and others circulate more and more news about financial problems at McLaren. You can read a recent summary article […]


Hearst and Bring a Trailer: Perfect Together?

“I’m very excited to continue to lead Bring a Trailer as we partner with Hearst Autos. We can now keep all of the best parts of the business intact while enhancing our capabilities to address our huge product demand and user traffic growth.” —Randy Nonnenberg, BaT Co-Founder and CEO “Bring a Trailer has set the bar […]


Nasdaq @ 10,000, Tesla @ $1,000/Share

Despite record unemployment and massive economic dislocation from Covid19, stock markets are rallying and Tesla shares are soaring. What is going on? Today, Tesla is worth more than Ford, GM, and Chrysler combined! Depending on the day, Tesla is worth more than auto giant Toyota. At over 200 times earnings, Tesla is anything but cheap. […]


Falling in Love With a Tesla

My first drive in a Tesla Model S was back in 2012. I remember the experience like it was yesterday. After taking the Model S for a spin, I got back into my then-brand-new Mercedes E350, and it felt like a Model T Ford. Despite this positive experience, I still have not leaped into an […]


Movin’ Online: Classic Car Auctions in Transition—A Trend or a Fad?

Bring a Trailer is experiencing an explosion in traffic and a high sell-through rate. Even the venerable RM Sotheby’s is migrating online. Gooding & Co. is ramping up their direct sales channel. Is this a Covid19 fad or a long-term trend? In the upcoming Sports Car Market August supplement issue, Turtle Garage joins a distinguished […]



“The United States is facing a shortage of bicycles as anxiety over public transportation and a desire to exercise has sent the demand surging.” —The New York Times “I have never seen anything remotely approaching this. If you went into a store three weeks ago you could find a bike under $1,000. Right now shelves […]


Stephen King’s Christine: A Good Movie, a Fantastic Book

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” —Stephen King, On Writing “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” —Stephen King The Coronavirus lockdown has provided a unique opportunity to revisit old books and movies as well as time to dive into some new ones. Indeed, many of us have been able to leverage this unusual […]

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Bitter CD Restoration: The Revival of a Stylish and Rare Coupe

“After some negotiation, I purchased this very rough CD and shipped it back to New Jersey. I was now the proud owner of CD #305 of 395 produced.  Little did I realize what was ahead of me.  I spent the next five years sourcing original parts and selecting a reputable shop that I believed would […]

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Ford vs. Ferrari vs. GM vs. Tesla

“Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” —Ben Graham “Every decade or so, dark clouds will fill the economic skies, and they will briefly rain gold.” —Warren Buffett The world has been turned upside down by the Covid19 pandemic and the financial markets do not seem to care. The stock market is […]


2017 and 2019 Turtle Invitational Photos Are Now Live

“A group of passionate enthusiasts come together for a weekend of camaraderie, cars, cocktails, and conversations. A stunning roster of classic vehicles fill the show field. The Turtle Invitational does not aim to be just another stop on the crowded and stale Concours de’ Elegance tour. Our goal is to put on a spectacular weekend […]

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