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As automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts, we’re often looking for meaningful content that goes far beyond what a typical Google Search will find.

Turtle Garage provides readers with unique insights into the collector vehicle market and the broader automotive industry. Our exclusive content focuses on vintage motorcycles, modern classics, and the exciting future of the automobile—including developments in ride-hailing, electrification, and autonomous driving. We produce diverse articles on travel, restoration projects, book reviews, auction analysis, vehicle summaries, and relevant automotive industry news.

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And the Best Modern Classic M BMW is?????

In the July issue of Sports Car Market we dive into our favorite classic BMW M-cars with Alec Cartio. Alec is widely considered the foremost expert on BMW E31 CSi’s. Moreover, he produces the finest car-related films on the internet. Click here to view Alec’s incredible site, Cartiology Films. In the SCM article below, we go […]


A Historically Significant NFT (Non-Functioning Transaxle) is For Sale on Bring a Trailer

“Sometimes I’m so mystified by our hobby I question what my eyes are telling me.” —Bring a Trailer commentary “Seriously though, this is a unique and fantastic listing and shows how Bring a Trailer has gone from being a enthusiast’s site to scope out the best of internet listings to one of the world’s premier auction […]


Collier Auto Media: The Best or Nothing

We were recently asked by Collier Auto Media (CAM) to write an in depth piece about two Mercedes sedans that are squarely on the path to becoming modern classics. The Mercedes-Benz W201 190E-16 valve and the W124 500E/E500 are emerging as landmark vehicles. In the CAM piece, we take a deep dive into the history […]


The V16 Cizeta: The First True Supercar?

A few months ago, Sports Car Market contacted me to write a story on a vehicle I had never heard of—the Cizeta 16T. After spending hours researching this rare early supercar, I became enthralled with its development, history, and very existence. In the May issue of Sports Car Market we take a deep dive into […]


Lucky Rabbit! $70,000 1985 Volkswagen Cabriolet

Bring a Trailer has changed the game when it comes to buying and selling classic cars online. The site has ushered in a new era and re-ignighted interest in the collector car market. In the virtual auction world, we are seeing more and more extraordinary outcomes. The wide audience of BaT has propelled ever rising […]


Market Moment: Truck Mania is Trending!

The great thing about the collector vehicle market is that there is never a dull moment. It is ever changing and evolving. The recent truck mania is no exception. It all started in about 2016 when early Ford Broncos started selling at ludicrous valuations. Today we are regularly seeing truck auctions defying gravity. Nowadays, it […]


Mercedes-Benz R129: Having Their Moment in the Sun

In this Sports Car Market Buy Sell Hold video, Turtle Garage founder Philip Richter talks with John Nikas about the recent meteoric rise of the R129 Mercedes SL series. The R129 was a groundbreaking car when it was introduced in the fall of 1989. The design was an instant classic and the R129 was loaded […]


This is Funny!

“This kind of comedy makes you think, “I never thought of it like that.” —Christina Dixon We all need some humor in times like these. If you love cars you will enjoy this clip by Rex Havens. Press play.    


The Future of Mercedes-Benz: Strategy Update

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” —Michael Porter “Our strategy is designed to avoid non-core activities to focus on winning where it matters: dedicated electric vehicles and proprietary car software. We will take action on structural costs, target strong and sustained profitability. With this new strategy we are announcing our clear […]

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Car-Crash Death Rate Surged in 2020

“From April 1 to May 21, Minnesota State Patrol ticketed 232 drivers for going more than 100 mph. By the end of the year, troopers had issued more than 1,000 citations for going that fast—around double the number from the previous year. The top speed in the state, recorded on a citation written in October, […]



Philip Richter and Keith Martin

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