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August: The Month of the Mega Concours

Malcolm Pray with his French Mistress at Pebble Beach 2012

Malcolm Pray with his French Mistress at Pebble Beach 2012

I am 36,000 feet over Lincoln Nebraska publishing this post via FlyFi. The abundance of technological innovation in our world is astounding. What is routine today was unfathomable one hundred years ago. Even just ten years ago there was no Facebook, Twitter, iPhones or iPads. If you told somebody in 1916  that you could sit in a flying chair at 577 MPH sipping Bordeaux while connected to a high-speed global communications network they would put you away. Where will technology be in 2116?

Turtle Garage is heading off to California for the annual Pebble Beach Concours. This is the Wimbledon of car shows. The mother of them all, Pebble is only for the best of the best. I will be providing TG readers with short updates from the 18th hole.  As if it can get any better than Pebble Beach, in two short weeks I will writing to you from another beautiful high stakes Concours in Chantilly France. Sports Car Market publisher Keith Martin has graciously invited me to be his guest at both shows. I’m not one to pass on opportunities to learn, network, and meet new people. Yes, its true, I will be traveling over 14,000 miles over the next two weeks simply to drool over fenders and chrome. My observations and conclusions will hopefully make the pages in an upcoming issue of Sports Car Market. Until then you can check back here for regular glimpses from Pebble and Chantilly.


A Delahaye 135 is very at home on the 18th hole of Pebble or parked at the gardens of Chantilly.



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2 Responses to August: The Month of the Mega Concours

  1. KR August 19, 2016 at 2:17 pm #

    I’ll be looking forward to your updates Philip. What a cool trip, and Hanging out with Mr. Martin sounds like a front row seat to some great insight to amazing vehicles. Have a blast!


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