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Keith Martin, Publisher of Sports Car Market

It is a great privilege to contribute stories to Sports Car Market (SCM). The bedrock of this venerable publication is a staff that is competent, motivated, and highly dedicated to the mission of producing a first-class publication every month. Publisher Keith Martin maintains a unique and respected status within the collector car community, and he holds deep relationships with key industry leaders. The content quality of SCM is elevated by having knowledgeable industry experts contribute material to SCM on a regular basis. Individuals like Miles Collier, Donald Osbourne, Paul Hageman, and John Draneous all add depth, perspective, and accuracy to the pages of SCM. The unique content of SCM cannot be replicated, and this explains why SCM is thriving in an era of print media decline. SCM is entering its 30th year of publication stronger than ever!

It is an honor to be the author of the cover story for the August 2018 issue of Sports Car Market. This is my third SCM cover story since I began writing back in early 2016. A special thank you to Keith Martin and the entire staff at SCM for always going the extra mile. Today SCM is the de-facto leading monthly periodical within the collector car industry. The majority of SCM subscribers eagerly await for new issues to arrive and read them cover to cover. I’ve been an SCM reader for well over a decade—and now I’m proud to be a writer.


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