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Car Culture According to Dr. Fred Simeone and Philip Richter

At the 2018 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance, Dr. Fred Simeone and Philip Richter were interviewed by Alexander Davidis for These two unusual video interviews articulate the passion of the car hobby and the importance of the automobile as an artistic and cultural object. Cars can be an expression of art and should be carefully preserved for future  generations. Special vehicles are cultural objects that stimulate the five senses in ways that paint and canvas cannot replicate.

Automobiles have played a major role in shaping the modern era and many vehicles are now considered legitimate art. In the following interviews, legendary car collector Dr. Fred Simeone shares his view of the important impact of cars and car culture. Philip Richter of Turtle Garage shares his opinions about the past, present, and future of the automobile.

Interview with Dr. Fred Simeone can be accessed by clicking this link here.

Interview with Philip Richter can be accessed by clicking this link here.

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