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And the Best Modern Classic M BMW is?????

In the July issue of Sports Car Market we dive into our favorite classic BMW M-cars with Alec Cartio. Alec is widely considered the foremost expert on BMW E31 CSi’s. Moreover, he produces the finest car-related films on the internet. Click here to view Alec’s incredible site, Cartiology Films. In the SCM article below, we go head-to-head with Alec and discuss six of our favorite classic BMW M-cars.

Side note: About two weeks ago Turtle Garage paid a visit to our friend Eric Keller at Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was reminded on that trip of a recent film that Alec produced with Eric. The video is an example of Alec’s work and beautifully chronicles Eric’s passion for BMW M cars. The film is worth a watch and is posted below:

July SCM BMW M-car Shootout Article:

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One Response to And the Best Modern Classic M BMW is?????

  1. Steve Larsen June 6, 2021 at 1:42 pm #

    Philip, I always love your take on the BMW M5’s. As you know, I had my own cut on this iconic car.