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A Profile of Perfection

In the upcoming September issue of Sports Car Market, we profiled the timeless Mercedes-Benz R129. Thirty years since its introduction, Bruno Sacco’s beautiful SL is now a rising modern classic. When launched in 1989, the SL was a quantum leap forward and was the safest open car money could buy. The R129 was full of leading-edge technology—a pop-up roll bar, ABS brakes, dual airbags. and integrated seats that required the filing of twenty patents. The SCM profile below covers the evolution of this emerging NextGen classic.


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One Response to A Profile of Perfection

  1. Terry July 27, 2019 at 11:10 am #

    I beg to differ on the use of the word “beautiful” to describe the design of the M-B R129. The design is lacking any form of sensuality, a very “plain Jane” 3-block design. That said, it does lack any styling miscues which means it will age well and like the SLs that preceded it, will look better with each succeeding generation of SL The mid-80s to early 90s M-B sedans, wagons, and SLs were the nadir of M-B design…….dull styling.