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2000 Mercedes-Benz SL500: Well Bought and Well Sold

The hammer fell at $46,000 for this 2000 SL500.

This Florida-owned R129 Benz could be one of the lowest-mileage examples left in North America. Ultra low mileage (1,500 miles), proper storage, and single ownership until 2018 helped shoot this SL to near $50,000. The bright red color, while ok, might be a little bold for an R129 SL. This car proves the point that ultra low-mileage cars can command a huge premium—even if they are high volume production models. We are seeing more and more ultra low-mileage cars coming out of the woodwork and the auction results are speaking loudly. In point of fact, in August, a very similar R129 SL 500 sold on BAT for just $15,800—that car only had only 37,000 miles.

There is another important trend at work here: Mercedes-Benz R129’s are rising classics. These cars represent the zenith of Mercedes design, engineering, and build quality. This is the 4th generation SL and it was designed by the legendary Bruno Sacco. You can read more about Sacco’s career here. I think over the coming years we will see the R129 step into significance within the modern classic collector car niche. These cars are drivable, reliable, and very modern, and their style is timeless. Sold in six, eight, and twelve cylinder versions, there are also some very low production AMG cars out there.

This car was both well bought and well sold. $46,000 seems like all the money for a 2001 SL500, however, this is truly an investment grade car. The seller did not make out well on their 18-year investment as the list price of these cars was stratospheric. A similar investment in the S&P 500 would have provided a dizzying return. However, both parties should be happy here—the new owner has the best SL500 in captivity and the seller made a massive premium over the market for a “used” 2000 R129.



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