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1995 Mercedes-Benz S600 Coupe: Very Well Bought

The hammer fell at $24,000 for this 1995 S600.

The 1995 Mercedes-Benz S600 coupe is likely the most expensive, overbuilt, over-engineered, and complicated car that Mercedes ever produced. It is an enormous car with powerful S-Class presence. The W140 represents the end of an era for overbuilt Mercedes-Benz products. During their development, these cars were a year late and one billion over budget! This version is the rarer and ultra-expensive V12 edition. In 1995, this car had a list price of around $130,000—closing in on $200,000 in today’s money. There was no expense spared in building the W140 coupe—it had double paned glass, soft close doors, seat belt delivery arms, and more leather and alcantera than any other car before or since.

The buyer here got a deal. This is claimed to be a one-owner car (prior to dealer acquisition) with 18,000 miles. While the white color might be a turnoff for some, it would make a great Florida car. The overall condition appeared good, save for the crack in the windshield. These cars are very expensive to maintain and service, however, the big Benz v12’s are actually reliable long-lasting motors.

Driving these cars makes you feel like you have arrived. They feel more like a German engineered Rolls Royce than a Mercedes-Benz. The doors are weighty and the suspension easily handles massive potholes with their own zip codes. We love the S600 W140 and think its a rising classic. The car is a modern updated and overdone version of the iconic W126 SEC. Designed by the legendary Bruno Sacco, these cars are only starting to catch a bid. Because of their complexity and high maintenance costs, very few of S600 coupes are left in investment grade condition. Only 8,573 V12 coupes were produced over a eight-year period. Very well bought.


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