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Sarah and I are in LA for a Jan’s wedding. Leaving LAX and driving up the 405 I could not help but think about the classic 1991 film LA Story. The movie is a clever spoof on life in Los Angeles and is actually based on William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Steve Martin plays Los Angeles TV weatherman Harris K. Telemacher. Since the weather in LA is always sunny and warm he tapes his forecasts days in advance. In the opening scene Telemacher is driving up the 405 in his Chrysler LeBaron and realizes that it is the first day of spring. He panics and asks his girlfriend to reach into the glove compartment for the gun. She fumbles to load the six-shooter and then he begins clumbsily shooting at a truck next to him. Only Steve Martin could turn the then very serious epidemic of highway shooting into a comical affair. The truck driver shoots a a 12-gauge back at him. An elderly lady dripping in jewelry is driving a huge smoke silver W126  Mercedes S-class and fires a few bullets as well. It’s open season on the LA freeway! The following are a few great scenes from this California cult classic.

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