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The Bell Moto 3: The Return of a Classic

“For the $350 price tag, you’re getting one of the more expensive retros on the market, but I say it’s worth it. The fit and finish are very high quality and it’s noticeably stronger than some other helmets in the class. You can get replicas, you can get similar helmets, or you can hit up Bell and get the original.”—Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine May 2, 2017

“In 1971, Bell introduced the Moto-3, the world’s first full-face motocross helmet. Before it, riders and brands affixed a variety of goggle and dust shield combinations to keep dust and roost out of their faces, but none of them added any safety to the mix The Moto-3 changed that, bringing full-face protection to the dirt.” —Aaron Aahmu

The Bell Moto 3 helmet is a timeless classic. Growing up, this helmet was the ultimate cool motocross accessory—it was also a status symbol of sorts. Back in the late 1970’s (in the tadpole pond of adolescent dirt biking) the Bell Moto 3 said “you’ve arrived.” The greatest motocross riders of the era all wore Bell Moto 3’s—including the legendary Bob Hannah.  I finally got my own Bell Moto 3 when I was eleven years old and its bright yellow color perfectly matched my 1981 Suzuki RM 80 dirt bike. Even today, I can remember the feeling of confidence and satisfaction of putting on this iconic helmet. Like the door of an original Porsche 911, this helmet is just one of those perfect designs that cannot be improved upon. It was iconic out of the box and remains so to this day. It was a brilliant move by Bell to put this groundbreaking helmet back into production—40 years after its initial launch. Many people my age will simply purchase the “new” Bell Moto 3 out of pure nostalgia—case in point….Turtle Garage has two on order!

From the Bell Website:

LEGENDS NEVER DIE. Forty years ago, the Bell Moto 3 hit the market and changed the look of off-road racing forever. It is one of the most recognizable and iconic helmets in the history of motorcycling. Offering protection far beyond any prior helmets, looking like nothing else on earth, the Moto-3 was immediately adopted by the sport’s most legendary racers and overnight became the benchmark by which all others were measured. To this day it remains a highly sought after collectible, with battered old warriors regularly commanding insane prices on Ebay. With the re-release of the Moto 3, we scooped up passion and innovation from decades past, incorporated modern materials, state of the art fit and safety standards, and sent this legendary veteran back out into the world for a well-deserved encore performance. Often imitated, never duplicated, we offer no apologies for flattening the worn-out used helmet market.

The Moto 3 is available in many colors and period-correct colors and stripes:

(Photos courtesy of Bell Helmets)

An original late 70’s Bell Moto III

Like the iconic door of a Porsche 911, the Bell Moto 3 is a timeless design.

Special Bob Hannah decal package is also available.



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