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TGLF: Turtle Garage Live Feed

We are continually working on improving the content and functionality of The goal is to make the site more useful, unique, and dynamic. On a regular basis I tangentially follow about twenty car and motorcycle-related websites. For the niche hobbyist, sites like Jalopnik to Petrolicious are fun to browse. I also enjoy reading mainstream media that reports on the overall automobile industry. Bloomberg and The New York Times publish a steady stream of interesting and reliable automotive-related content.

A few weeks ago I asked the team at Great 8 Creative if they could add a live news feed to the sidebar of the Turtle Garage homepage. My team of talented web developers created a very useful feature that automatically publishes the latest content from over twenty carefully curated sources.

The Turtle Garage Live Feed (TGLF) is now up and running. On a real-time basis, new content is automatically uploaded to Turtle Garage. Before permanently adding the feature to the site, I beta tested TGLF because I wanted to be sure it would really be useful. To my surprise, I found myself regularly checking Turtle Garage to stay on top of breaking industry news, events, and related content. TGLF is a quick and easy way to stay current on a broad array of motoring related information and content. After a few weeks I have become a regular user of TGLF and it is my hope subscribers will do the same. Please bookmark Turtle Garage and enjoy the live industry headlines.

The forefather of the live feed: An early ticker tape machine……

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3 Responses to TGLF: Turtle Garage Live Feed

  1. Philip Richter April 25, 2017 at 8:23 am #

    Sungsoo, its actually a great tool and its full of interesting new information each day. Hope all is well in the land of Hyundai and Kia!

  2. Sungsoo Shin April 24, 2017 at 4:25 am #

    the live feed is neat, philip. get to feel what I like during work hours.


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