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The BMW 850CSi Has Arrived!

In the current issue of Sports Car Market, we profile the recent stratospheric sale of a near-perfect BMW 850CSi. These cars are finally emerging as the ultimate Youngtimer BMW collectible—The 850CSi even appears to be surpassing the legendary E30 M3 as the “must have” post-war BMW. While the price paid here was all the money, the owner has the best CSi in the world. We think history will view this historic outcome favorably. Over the next decade, ultra-low mile CSi’s in the right color will continue to climb in value. Why? When considering the history of BMW post-war cars, these are in a special category. The plain 850i was an unremarkable car, but BMW realized their mistake and burned the midnight oil to rectify the situation. The result was the CSi. Future collectible CSi’s that ring the bell must have low mileage and need to be the right color. To give our readers some perspective of the range of recent 850CSi market outcomes, consider the $237,000 sale of this Diamontschwarz Metallic sub-2500 mile example vs. the recent BAT auction of a white 86,000 mile car that fetched $78,000. That is quite a price delta, however, the important thing to consider here is that even an 86,000-mile example in a so-so color is now closing in on nearly six-figures. Watch these cars rise in value over the next few years. (Featured image courtesy of BMW M-Registry)

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