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Join Us For The 2019 Turtle Invitational!

“Pebble Beach has the Quail, Bedford has the Turtle.”

In 2017, the inaugural Turtle Invitational was held at Turtle Garage in Bedford New York. A group of passionate enthusiasts came together for a weekend of camaraderie, cars, cocktails, and conversations. A stunning roster of classic cars filled the show field (see photos below). The Turtle Invitational does not aim to be just another stop on the crowded and stale Concours de’ Elegance tour. The goal here is to put on a spectacular weekend gathering where old friends are seen and new ones are made. The Turtle Invitational blends the gravitas of Davos, the beauty of Amelia Island, and the intellectual stimulation of a 19th century Chautauqua. Vehicles are submitted and accepted on an invitation-only basis. All profits benefit the Pray Family Foundation.

The 2019 Turtle Invitational will be held over the weekend of September 21st and 22nd. Festivities will begin on Saturday evening with a fundraiser barbeque at the Pray Achievement Center in Bedford New York. Sunday’s show will kick off with a breakfast and tour through bucolic North Salem. The show field will open at 10 am and the event will culminate with an award ceremony and catered afternoon lunch. Mark your calendars! If you have a car or motorcycle you would like to enter it can be submitted via the new Turtle Invitational website by clicking here. Please visit for all the details.

TURTLE INVITATIONAL MISSION STATEMENT: The Turtle Invitational is an event about people who love cars.

Rules (subject to change often and without notice):

  1. Bring your sense of humor. Leave your attitude
  2. No drama queens, no trailer queens
  3. We operate by the 1960’s southern racing credo, “We run what we brung.” You must drive your car to the event. If the D Type doesn’t start, bring the small bumper 911 or the 95 Impala SS
  4. You must bring a written paragraph as to why the car you brought is important to you, not why it is important
  5. There will be judging and awards given by a blue ribbon panel of somewhat qualified judges. Categories will include:
  • Best Pre-War and Post-War cars. The determining war is the Falkland Islands war. For those of you who missed it, it occurred in 1982.
  • Best Hose Job – Awarded to the biggest financial disaster on the field. If you are hopelessly underwater on your car, please nominate it.
  • Longest Drive – Awarded to the vehicle that traveled the furthest to attend
  • Best Original Car – Pretty straightforward
  • Judges’ Choice – Not straightforward and subject to influence peddling, flattery, etc.
  • The PJN Award for Best Race Car —Presented by Clea Newman, daughter of Paul Newman
  • Best Italian Sportscar —Presented by our rescue dog, Luigi

Photos from the 2017 Turtle Invitatioanal (All photos courtesy of SEL Photography):

Dicky Riegel’s 1931 DuPont won Best Pre-War Phaeton.

Brian Beni’s Jaguar SS100 won a highly coveted Turtle Award

Brian Beni’s stunning original Jaguar SS100 won best British Open Sports Car

Steve Baumer took the Robert Freeman Award for best German Car

The State Police were on site to maintain order…

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Schulman took Sports Car Market’s Spirit of Motoring Award

J.R. Amanita receiving the Paul Newman Award from Lilly Pray

J.R. Amanita’s 1968 NART Corvette won the Paul Newman award for best race car

The Turtle Invitational Executive Committee

Natalie Pray announcing Best in Show Award

Philip Richter and Scott Coleman

The Bedford Amphibicar

Michael Roll’s gorgeous Buick wagon.

Robert Freeman talks with America’s Finest.

Jim Robinson’s luxiourious Mauck was a hit.

Steve Bauer’s BMW Isetta

The Mauck

Awards on display. Special thanks to Lilly Pray for organizing the Turtles and Keith Martin for the glasses.

The show field at Turtle Garage


A birch grove of BMW’s


The Carla Richter Birch Grove

A 911 showing off….

This car was a show stopper!

A beautiful 1950’s Packard

Another XKE!

A beautiful 356

J.R. Amanita’s pair of Corvette race cars were stunning and loud!

We had a diverse display of top quality entrants

A gorgeous Bentley

We had a lot of Jaguars….

More Jaguars

Philip Richter on his BMW R69S

A beautiful AC

This was a sight to behold

Chris Hughes in her original Beetle that she purchased in 1972

Judy Richter enjoying the tour!

Judy and Philip on the tour arriving at the Turtle

Dicky Riegel in his DuPont


Porsche 911

Jay Harmon’s 3.0

Land Rover

Jaguar race car

J.R. and Maris drove the iconic E30 M3

Jack drove the GTS

Lilly Pray drove the 964 911

We had a lot of cars….

Nice twisty roads in the morning.

On the road!

Leaving Coker Farm on the Tour!

We had world class Alfa’s represented

Great Alfa Romeo Guilia Super

Jay Harmon’s gorgeous BMW 3.0

Porsche GTR

BMW 3.0

This Ferrari turned heads

This ex-Nuvolari 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C Le Mans winner took best of show

Morning at the Turtle

Philip Richter and Robert Freeman at the Turtle Invitational September 2017

We had drones flying overhead

More drone shots

Dinner at the Pray Achievement Center:


A great gathering of car enthusiasts

Pray Achievement Center Executive Director Marika Satryano

Philip Richter and Robert Freeman

Lilly Pray

Tom Champion on the grill

Food was fabulous

A great gathering that Mr. Pray would have loved.

The laws at Pray provided the perfect mini car show venue

Kevin, Sarah and Finn McGowan

Touring the Pray Collection

A wonderful time was had by all

Decades of history

Malcolm’s model cars

We were blessed with perfect weather

Malcolm Pray’s personal library of automobilia

Malcolm Pray’s award display

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