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1993 Audi S4: Fully Priced But Well Bought

The hammer fell at $33,000 for this 1993 Audi S4.

This 1993 Audi S4 is finished in red over black leather and shows just 11,805 miles. Few car enthusiasts know how special and rare this Audi S4 is—The model is not a S4 as we think of today as being a high-performance A4. Back in 1993, Audi had a confusing naming convention for its models. During this era, Audi had the 90 series, the 100 series, and the V8. The 100 series was ultimately re-badged as the A6 in 1995.  The original 100 was a very handsome design. The S version had flared fenders, a big turbocharged 5-cylinder engine, and super supportive seats. I recall my friend had one and it sported heated rear seats and carbon fiber door inlays—perhaps a first for any German sports sedan.

The high performance edition of the Audi 100 cars were later re-badged the S6 but only for a few short years. The S4 was only imported to the United States in 1993 and 1994, and it had a staggering price tag—thus there were not many takers. This particular car had a documented ownership chain and was sold new at Stoddard Imports outside Cleveland Ohio—a well known early Porsche and Audi dealer that is respected by many car enthusiasts.

The BAT listing provided several close up photos of the undercarriage which further corroborates its Ohio history. Quite a lot of surface rust can be seen in the pictures, however, the original mileage appears correct, and the carfax is clean. The overall body looks good and rust free. This is a very rare car and a fantastic machine to drive. Had I seen this car on BAT I might have bid myself! At $33,000 it is pretty fully priced, however, it is rare and one of the least known of Audi’s greatest cars. It also has incredibly low mileage. I think this car was well bought and with a thorough detailing and undercarriage cleaning by Dean Laumbach, it might really come back to life as an investment grade example. Well bought.


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4 Responses to 1993 Audi S4: Fully Priced But Well Bought

  1. Richard DeVries September 16, 2020 at 2:09 pm #

    I assume this 1993 Audi was the S4 Plus (i.e. with a V8, rather than 5 cylinder engine)?
    Please advise!
    Another Audi fan!

    • Philip Richter September 25, 2020 at 8:47 am #

      No idea on the details of this car….

    • Jim OConnor February 24, 2021 at 10:57 pm #

      No the S4 only came with a 5cyl engine, 5 speed, no auto option.

  2. Mike Kovac December 15, 2018 at 6:19 am #

    Great cars, the C4 bodied Audis with plenty of room to comfortably seat 4 large adults, a spacious trunk ( with a pass through ski sack built into the rear armrest). and a relatively lithe sub 2 ton curb weight. The built quality is fantastic and I have no doubt you could send certain interior parts to the moon and back without breakage. I owned two of them: a mostly stock 1993 S4 and a well modded 1995 S6 with plenty of RS2 bits and Porsche 993TT brakes. The S6 would slam you into the back of your seat when it came on boast, which was amazing considering the engine internals were stock and in fine health with 180K miles when I sold it. My finest memory of that car was ice racing it on non studded tires at Lake George with the center diff locked (I installed an override that allowed it to stay engaged above 15MPH) and drifting the car at speed over snow and ice with complete stability and predictability from the Quattro drivetrain. Audi had invented the all wheel drive road car with the original Ur Quattro and their experience really showed with the C4 bodied cars.

    I sold mine for an E39 M5, which is a story for another post. But if I could walk into an Audi showroom today and buy a S4 / S6 I probably would. The 11k mike BaT car is the closest anyone will get to that now. Worth every penny.