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Historic Festival 35 @ Lime Rock (Water) Park

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Lime Rock Historic Festival is always a tremendous automotive and racing extravaganza that showcases close to 2,000 historic, vintage, racing and collector cars over its four days, from race car parades through town and three dozen vintage races to a prestigious Concours on Sam Posey Straight and a huge collector car show. With Honored Collectors, Honored Guests and dozens of other special features, Historic Festival 35 is a must-do for any car person.     —Lime Rock Park Website

The 2017 Lime Rock Festival was a smash success despite soggy weather on Sunday. Vintage BMW motorcycles from the Turtle Garage Collection were proudly displayed alongside several of Bruce Meyer’s stunning cars that were shipped all the way from Los Angles. His display included Briggs Cunningham’s LeMans Corvette, the first Shelby Cobra ever built, a huge vintage Bentley, and two historic hot rods.

The following photos and videos chronicle a wonderful weekend in the Park:

Photos from Historic Festival 35:

1966 BMW R69S with 9.5 gallon Hoske gas tank.

1938 BMW R51

Bruce Meyer’s stunning Bentley. The Turtle Garage featured among greatness!

Jack on the MV F4

Bruce Meyer’s rare hot rod

Bruce Meyer’s speedy hot rod

The first Shelby Cobra produced!

Briggs Cunningham’s LeMans Corvette!

A Ferrari waiting for a dry track!

BMW Batmobile

Gorgeous Alfa Romeo

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution

Quattro (his) E30 M3 (hers) both with Vermont plates!

A gorgeous navy blue 300 SL


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  1. Lorenzo Lorenzotti September 8, 2017 at 9:53 am #

    warm heart for the red Alfa!