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Collecting Thoughts: Pebble to Paris

In August, Sport Car Market publisher Keith Martin extended a back-to-back invitation for me to join him at Pebble Beach and Chantilly. All he asked in return was that I write a story comparing and contrasting these two blockbuster car shows. Last month, Turtle Garage submitted “Pebble to Paris” to the editorial staff at SCM. The article was just published in the Collecting Thoughts section of the December issue.  I spent hours working on this article and then Sarah’s editing skills took it to a new level. She transformed my hieroglyphics into literary excellence. We make a great team. I put my ideas on paper and she transforms them into prose. The link below is the SCM story that eloquently chronicles my 15,000-mile Pebble to Paris pilgrimage.

KM and PER and a 1923 BMW...Hey Keith, what's my bike worth?

With Keith Martin and a 1923 BMW R32…Hey Keith, what’s my Holy Grail BMW worth?

Read the full featured article here (PDF)

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