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BMW Motorcycles: The Next 100 Years

“When we develop a motorcycle, we are usually thinking around five to ten years in the future. So taking a look further into the future was especially exciting for us and highly appealing,”     -Edgar Heinrich, BMW Designer

Last week BMW gave the world a glimpse of the motorcycle of the future. This futuristic bike is called the Motorrad Vision Next. It is a self-balancing bendable motorcycle that doesn’t require the rider to wear a helmet or protective gear. The traditional triangular metal frame of the 1923 R32 has been replaced by a flexible triangle of material that bends as the rider turns. The Vision Next is a fully networked machine that provides real-time data feedback that increases safety and can optimize various aspects of the motorcycle. It is powered by a pollution-free clean burning engine. The Vision Next has an aerodynamic design that provides the rider with a heatable and air-conditionable wind envelope. Its unlikely that this futuristic BMW will make it into production anytime soon, but it gives us a glimpse into the next 100 years.





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