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The Marvelous Mazda Miata

In the November issue of Sports Car Market, we profiled the first-generation Mazda Miata. This is a car that once resided within Turtle Garage and we regret selling it to this day. In the first iteration of this iconic roadster, Mazda engineers and designers nailed the ultimate modern-day sports car. Launched in late 1989, the Miata had pop-up headlights, two seats, a near-perfect power to weight ratio, and supportive seats with a modern interior. It also came standard with an airbag. In this piece, we cover the history and devleopment of the original Miata and explain why demand is rising for this fun and reliable roadster. Prices have been in a holding pattern for years; however, we are now finally starting to see enthusiastic, genuine, and consistent interest in the first-generation Miata. Right now, the Miata may represent the single best value-for-fun within the collector car market.

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