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Project CJ Part III: Flash Update


This afternoon project Jeep CJ arrived back at Dean’s shop after many weeks at Lee’s Garage. The paintwork came out better than expected. The guys at Lee’s really went the extra mile and the result is probably the best paint job ever applied to a CJ. Dean and his team are now laying out all the parts around the Jeep and preparing for reconditioning and reassembly.  We have located a brand new factory Whitco soft top (literally a unicorn!) as well as a factory original AM/FM AMC radio. Dean is going to media blast the seat hardware and many other corroded or faded parts. This process will bring them back to life. It is expected that we should cross the finish line in a few weeks.







Jeep Seats 1

Jeep Seats 2

Jeep Seats 3

The CJ’s seat hardware will be media blasted and then re-painted. Note the original protective plastic that is still attached to the underneath of the seats and seat hardware!


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