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A Special Invitation….

Attention Turtle Garage readers:

The following is an important note from Miles Collier, David Gooding, McKeel Hagerty, Rob Kauffman, Philip Richter, Paul Russell, and Gundula Tutt.

Please join us for a one-day summit, the next stage in a pioneering global initiative to preserve the future for meaningful cars. Meaningful cars are the cars we care about, whether made yesterday or a hundred years ago.

Date: Monday, August 12, 10 am to 4 pm

Location: Bernardus Lodge Hotel

415 West Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

This is an opportunity to network with peers, to shape this inspirational project and to participate from the beginning.

Following dynamic discussions earlier this year at the Revs Symposium 2019, we created, a membership-only website where colleagues can collaborate.  It is a place to exchange ideas with a diverse, international community of interested supporters. You are very welcome to become a member, citing this letter.

The August summit is the next stage in this initiative. It will be professionally moderated by Christine Sherry, who is an expert in not-for-profit initiatives of this type.  We are planning a series of small round table discussions to address pressing concerns and current trends. We aim not to replicate what others are doing but add to the field through sharing information and resources. Ideas under consideration are:

  • Creating a list of key meaningful cars, with lessons on how they are maintained, used and enjoyed.
  • Creating a searchable database that can be used to find knowledge or expertise in specific areas or topics.
  • Identifying individuals who are ‘human treasures’ in our field, with key skills at risk of being lost and work on how we preserve and share their knowledge.
  • Offering hands-on training to emerging skilled practitioners to advance their skills.
  • We want to actively canvass your views, concerns, and ideas.

We’ll also be discussing partnerships with other leading organizations so that we advance the needs of the entire field. There will be a panel of young enthusiasts, sharing their views of the future as well as special guests. We will provide a digest of findings and actions after the summit.

Thought-leaders at the August summit are a broad, cross-section of meaningful-car experts, of all ages and from all backgrounds. So far, contributors include automotive corporate heritage executives, industry vendors, restorers, auctioneers, brokers, collectors, designers, historians, and many others, all with important perspectives from the car world.

We very much look forward to meeting with you to formulate the next stage of this exciting and inspiring initiative.  Please RSVP to Jayme Scott by July 20, 2019. 

Yours truly,

Miles Collier, David Gooding, McKeel Hagerty, Rob Kauffman, Philip Richter, Paul Russell, and Gundula Tutt.

Steering Committee, The Car Hub

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2 Responses to A Special Invitation….

  1. Richard Pepe July 8, 2019 at 3:06 pm #

    Sounds like a great idea. I would like to be part of this effort!