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2017 and 2019 Turtle Invitational Photos Are Now Live

“A group of passionate enthusiasts come together for a weekend of camaraderie, cars, cocktails, and conversations. A stunning roster of classic vehicles fill the show field. The Turtle Invitational does not aim to be just another stop on the crowded and stale Concours de’ Elegance tour. Our goal is to put on a spectacular weekend gathering where old friends are seen and new ones are made. The Turtle Invitational blends the gravitas of Davos, the beauty of Amelia Island, and the intellectual stimulation of a 19th century Chautauqua.”

—Turtle Invitational Website

Hundreds of colorful photographs have recently been uploaded to the Turtle Invitational website and are available for all to view. If you were able to attend the Turtle Invitational last September or in 2017, you will recognize many faces and cars. If you were unable to attend, you will be able to experience the show virtually through a series of stunning high resolution images. Our photographer for 2019, Brian McCarthy of Bearded Mug Media, took hundreds of professional photographs and captured the true spirit of the event—camaraderie, cars, and conversations. If you are still on Covid19 lock-down, take a moment to pour a glass of wine and flip through these epic images—they tell a great story about a burgeoning event that is still in its infancy. We are looking forward to the 3rd Turtle Invitational which will be held September 25th and 26th 2021. Note that the Turtle Invitational alternates and is held every other year.


Click here for the 2017 and 2019 Turtle Invitational Gallery.

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  1. toly arutunoff April 28, 2020 at 2:25 pm #

    we’re looking forward to taking a special car and actually going out to dinner Friday at our favorite restaurant in tulsa. open up america!