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2007 BMW E60 M5: A Lesson in Depreciation

In the most recent issue of Sports Car Market, we profile the recent sale of a 2007 BMW M5. A decade ago, this car represented the state-of-the-art of mid-sized super sedans. Today, this E60 is a depreciating used car that will undoubtedly require significant investment to keep up and running. This example had over 50,000 miles and had major clutch work performed on the complex SMG transmission. Twelve years out, this car has depreciated 75% from its original six-figure list price. Indeed, the E60 is a unique car in the history of M-Cars given its potent and sophisticated V10 engine—no M car before or since has been equipped with ten cylinders. Despite this unique engine, the E60 still does not garner the collector interest of the E28 or E39 M5—and for a good reason. The article below gives a little perspective on this particular transaction and gives a little color on the collector market’s view of this German super sedan. (Photo: Parkers United Kingdom)

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One Response to 2007 BMW E60 M5: A Lesson in Depreciation

  1. David Beilman November 27, 2019 at 7:25 am #

    These high powered German machines are sailboats on wheels. I was offered a low mileage example in 2011 for slightly more than its recent $18K cat replacement…Reminded me of my last Teutonic fling with a 1991 20V 200TQ. Rolling entropy, but what a ride!