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Monkey Madness: Prices Surge for 60s, 70s, and 80s Honda Minibikes

Auction Hammers are regularly falling for $10,000 or more for Honda minibikes! 

On the pages of BAT and at the recent Mecum Las Vegas motorcycle auction, vintage Honda Z50 minibikes are in a full-scale market melt-up. These bikes started catching a bid a few years ago and the market has now entered the euphoric frenzy stage. Several Honda Z50’s sold for over $5,000 in Las Vegas, with celebrity-owned bikes commanding over $15,000. Bring a Trailer now has $5,000 Honda CT70’s trading hands on a regular basis. Is this the new normal or are we in a minibike bubble? Much like the collector car industry, popularity and rising valuations has to do with scarcity, demographics, and condition. A few Honda Z50’s have been unearthed that are literally brand new or still in the crate from the 1970’s. Expect the market to continue to head up for these fun-loving machines as more people come of age who enjoyed these machines in their youth.



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