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Transatlantic Style

Donald Osborne is a friend of Turtle Garage. He gave me a copy of this landmark book at the 2017 Revs Institute symposium. Transatlantic Style should be on the coffee table of every car enthusiast. Beautifully written and printed in the highest quality, this book has great photography by Furhman and comprehensive historical background on the post-war Italian and American styles.



The first book by noted Italian car expert, columnist and television presenter Donald Osborne, TRANSATLANTIC STYLE: A Romance of Fins and Chrome brings to light the depth and range of the creative exchange in automotive design between Italy and America in the decade following the end of World War II. The parallel tracks of classic, understated Italian design and an exuberant American influence combine in a compelling story of brilliant visual art on four wheels. The societies, circumstances, and personalities that shaped this dynamic interchange will come to vivid life in a compelling text in English and Italian, significant historic images and modern photography by Michael Furman.