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Bruce Springsteen: Born to Ride. Born to Drive. Born to Run*****

“Bruce Springsteen did something different with the once tried-and-true car-song genre. These weren’t your typical paeans to Detroit’s legendary chromeboats. No, dangerous things happen in Springsteen’s cars — things that, in the blink of an eye, can change a life forever.  These weren’t your average tales of escape, either. No, that common trope was typically turned […]

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Exclusive Interview with Max Girardo: Less is More

Above photo courtesy of RM Sotheby’s. “Dealing with less cars means you can deal with more important cars and do a better job of them.” -Max Girardo Turtle Garage recently sat down with Max Girardo for an exclusive interview. Max is a passionate car expert who has achieved iconic status in the collector car universe. Much […]

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What’s in the Garage of President-Elect Trump?

Political insiders, pollsters, and journalists are pouring over the exit poll data trying to make sense of this very unexpected election outcome. While these “experts” were spinning their wheels, Turtle Garage let the rubber meet the road and did some important research. Sleuthing around the Internet we uncovered several vehicles that reside inside Trump’s garage. Based on various tabloids, […]

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Brock Yates Crosses the Finish Line

“I admit to wasting my life messing around with fast cars and motorcycles.” -Brock Yates Cannonball Run founder and Car and Driver managing editor Brock Yates died on October 5th. Brock Yates was the consummate car guy and a hero among car enthusiasts. He was part automotive journalist and part rebel. As a kid I used to […]

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