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The 1988 Oldsmobile Aerotech was the star of the show....

1988 New York Auto Show Time Machine

Last week I had Laurie Duncan (a fabulous computer consultant) come to my office and update my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. These devices now all talk to each other and share data seamlessly over the cloud. She changed my life for the better. Her services put the Apple Genius Bar to shame. She comes to your home or […]

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The one and only S class Mercedes seen in an entire week of car peeping.

The New Cuba

Sarah and I recently spent a week in Havana. Our timing for a trip to Castro’s Cuba could not have been better. My advice: drop everything and go to Cuba right now!  After all, the island is only a short 43 minute flight from Miami. Jet Blue now offers weekly flights from JFK. Our trip was planned and organized […]

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A private tour of the GM Heritage Collection: Automobiles, Artifacts, and Automobilia.

This week I had the pleasure of enjoying an extraordinary private tour of the GM Heritage Collection. I was in Michigan visiting some friends and clients and was fortunate to spend the morning with car dealer magnate David Fischer. David generously arranged the tour and then we headed over to Troy to check out his dealership […]

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The actual first photo I ever saw of a 500E that was published in 1991 in Car and Driver magazine.

Mercedes-Benz W124 500E/E500: The first true four-door Porsche was actually a Mercedes-Benz.

“If the old E-Class was a chunk of granite, the 500E was a chunk of granite launched from a trebuchet. Porsche lent assembly help. Buyers had to agree not to use it to invade Poland.”  – Automobile Magazine, October 2004 The Mercedes-Benz 500E first caught my eye in late 1991. Car and Driver magazine ran […]

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The Cars of Cuba

Ninety miles south of Key West Florida sits the isolated communist island of Cuba. I have always been curious about this socialist paradise. Back in September (months before Obama announced an opening of relations with the island) Sarah and I signed up for a trip to Cuba with the New York City based Knickerbocker Club. […]

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