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Steve Jobs’s Garage

Shortly after his death, I read Walter Isaacson’s revealing biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs. It’s a great read, primarily because much of the book was carefully researched and written while Jobs was still alive. Over a two-year period the author conducted over forty interviews with Jobs. He also interviewed family, friends, and business associates. […]

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This is the actual photograph of the first SL 65 AMG Black Series I ever saw. It was taken through the window at the Park Avenue Mercedes-Benz Showroom on October 10, 2010. It had a big SOLD sign on it. I stood there on the corner of Park and 55th in a puddle of my own drool. After that day I dreamed of owning one.

The Eagle Has Landed!

Here are the facts: 6.0 liter V12 biturbo engine. 670 horsepower. Zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds. Retractable wing. Carbon fiber bodywork. Nappa leather, Alcantara and carbon interior. Manufactured in Affalterbach by AMG. Only 350 were made. Only 175 were sent to the U.S.A. $304,000 MSRP in 2009. When new, dealers fought for a single […]

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Rennwerke: To a Porsche, it’s the Mayo Clinic

About fifteen years ago I discovered Rennwerke Porsche. Owned and operated by John “Cheech” Fernandes, Rennwerke is the only place I trust to work on my Porsche. Cheech has been in business for decades and has earned a reputation for quality, service, and excellence. The entire team at Rennwerke cares deeply about both car and customer. Cheech’s business […]

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Project E500 Crosses the Finish Line!

Dean and his team have completed the restoration of my rare and beloved Porsche-built Mercedes-Benz E500. Laumbach Restorations has been busy working on the car since mid-summer. The 21-year-old Benz is ready for the next decade. The car is now mechanically and aesthetically in like-new condition. A special thank you to Dean and his team for their dedication and attention […]

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NYC Icon: A classic Checker Cab from a bygone era.

The Nissan NV 200: The Taxi of Tomorrow?

This morning I hailed a brand new Nissan NV200 taxi. With styling inspired by an anteater, the NV200 has slab-like sliding doors and room for four people. This summer the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission won a final court ruling that grants them the sole authority to require all current cabs to be replaced by the NV200 in the […]

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Burma-Shave: The Verse by the Side of the Road

“In times of continuous change it is difficult to recognize small beginnings. But in the fall of 1925, and again during the following year, one small beginning took place that would later catch the fancy of, and amuse, whole generations of highway-faring Americans.” I first learned about the famous Burma-Shave advertisements when I was about […]

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The 1988 Oldsmobile Aerotech was the star of the show....

1988 New York Auto Show Time Machine

Last week I had Laurie Duncan (a fabulous computer consultant) come to my office and update my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. These devices now all talk to each other and share data seamlessly over the cloud. She changed my life for the better. Her services put the Apple Genius Bar to shame. She comes to your home or […]

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